Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR)

Objective: To be a valued member of your animal health team as a trusted resource for decision making, risk management and expertise in animal health and production.

Establish and Maintaing VCPR

  • Medically appropriate and timely visits to gather information, knowledge and familiarity with animals, health, facilities and management practices necessary for treatment decisions and prescriptions
  • Review and/or create written treatment and vaccination protocols customized to fit the specific challenges of your operation
  • Create prescription budgets and maintain records to help monitor usage and be proactive in addressing health issues
  • Provide proper labeling with clear directions and drug withholdings
  • Our veterinarians are readily available for consultation, follow-up of medical conditions, treatment failures via phone and additional on-farm visits
  • Client agrees to follow veterinarian treatment directions and maintain accurate treatment records