Cattle Dewormer: Choosing the Right Cattle Wormer for Your Herd


With so many options for cattle wormer, it’s often difficult to sort out which is best for your operation. Choosing a cattle dewormer with a veterinarian or animal health supplies specialist will let you rest easier, knowing that the product you selected is keeping your animals worm-free.  Here are a few products to familiarize yourself with the cattle wormer options available before you meet with your vet or specialist.

  • Eprinex - Eprinex Pour-On (Eprinomectin)
    • Controls:
      • Gastrointestinal Roundworms
      • Lungworms
      • Grubs
      • Sucking Lice
      • Biting Lice
      • Chorioptic Mange Mites
      • Sarcoptic Mange Mites
      • Horn Flies
Need help finding the right cattle wormer for your dairy or livestock operation? We know that finding the right cattle wormer can be difficult, especially when there are so many options to sort through.  That’s where the staff at ANIMART can help. Email us or call 800-255-1181 for your cattle dewormer products or for additional assistance.