Herd Health Options

To help alleviate some of the stress with managing herd health, ANIMART has compiled a selection of innovative, user-friendly, and time-saving on-farm testing options. Among the herd-health on-farm testing options ANIMART suggests are:

  • BioPRYN® pregnancy tests -- Testing for a specific protein in the blood, BioPRYN® is a safe and easy alternative to palpation and ultrasound. Click here to learn more
  • BVD PI testing kits -- These kits aid in protecting a previously infected herd against BVD shedding and assist in developing a BVD-free herd. Several quick result options are available. Click here to learn more - Additional Information
  • Minnesota Easy Culture System -- Mastitis diagnosis in a few easy steps; user-friendly plates and laboratory handbook included. Click here.
  • Track A Cow Pedometer Heat Detection System -- Improve fertility, reduce calving intervals and increase productivity. Analyze data quickly to make timely decisions regarding natural reproduction and artificial insemination. Also a powerful tool in assessing activity as it relates to overall animal health. For details, click here.
  • Ketosis Testing (BHBAs) -- Elevated levels of BHBA in the blood may be an indicator of post-partum Ketosis. Blood draws for BHBA monitoring are recommended. Click here to learn more.

For a complete list of herd-health on-farm testing options, click here.